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Activities: Description / Supervision
Visit us at Espace Equestre du Pays de Retz:
Area Equestrian Retz (EEPR)
The Gautrais 44320 Chauvé on RD6 Chauvé from Pornic
(That is 5 minutes from Pornic and Nantes 40 km)
Patrick Bourgeois, a member of the association Equit'action creator and Space Equestrian Retz is jumper for over forty years, teaching for over fifteen years.
Holder of a BEES riding, BEESAPT (introduction to all the sports equivalent of ADB, education degree in sport in schools), 2 FEARO of natural horsemanship, a student of the first training of the horse ethology Martine Hausberger the University of Rennes, trained in horse therapy, especially with the CEMEA (first experience with the disabled public in 1978) ...
No specific, my interest is the horse and getting in touch with the man, the logo means "man and horse in my same direction" with the notion of sense for direction and meaning to sensory.
My experiences are many, animal ethology opens the door to human ethology, the horse can be an aid to personal development or simply for pleasure.

Rates on request by email:
During horses and ponies to Chauvé,
Courses home
Education of the horse and rider, come learn with your horse
Horse transport, education, boarding,
Pension, training courses, presentations or Chauvé on your site
Entertainment, parties, attendance at plays,
Save the layout of your facility, support for the purchase of a horse
Submit your application I will do everything possible to satisfy it.
Contactez-nous :
Espace Equestre du Pays de Retz, (EEPR), 44320 Chauvé
Tel. -
Messagerie : eepr.bourgeois44@gmail.com