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The setting: An area of life around horses and ponies: Come meet our animals in the meadows, observing will help you understand, the horse naturally live in herds, they need social relationships, they eat virtually all day (16 hours), he sleeps intermittently four hours a day and it moves throughout the day.
Change this behavior can cause behavioral problems,
which complicates the life of the rider.
Come watch the horses, including better you can communicate with them and thus establish a relationship with them.
You can then use this relationship to your goals, overcome your fear, share the pleasure of the contact of the horse, regardless of your age or physical condition ...
And of course if you want to ride you'll get an understanding of your horse,
and even cooperation, it will particularly get closer to the promontory on which
you installed to help put you in the saddle
(the mounting block is called an edge Riding in).
Ride a horse who agrees is easy, no need to be effective, not have to be athletic,
no need for a daunting learning.
Above all, you can go at your own pace, each rider determines when it is ready
to mount, "EQUIT'ACTION, be player of your horse training"
you have the right to understand, you have the right to ask questions,
you have the right to be afraid "our structure is a center for building trust,"
you have the right to choose your business.
The experienced rider can improve his relationships, his technique,
the jumper owner can come with his horse:
Any behavior problems? you have difficulties to board your horse?
Discover the joy of seeing your horse healthy mind,
you will have the pleasure of a relationship blossomed.
Frame: an area for the men and the horse, come to visit.
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Espace Equestre du Pays de Retz, (EEPR), 44320 Chauvé
Tel. -
Messagerie : eepr.bourgeois44@gmail.com