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Establish contact with grazing horses, and create a link to find out by brushing, to accompany a series of educational exercises and games, establishing a relationship of mutual trust, the rise peacefully and go on a ride safely.
It is now possible
We offer a wide variety of activities available to all age groups from children to adults:

- Introduction to the ethological approach, building trust.
- Discovery of the horse.
- Development of the rider.
- Games on foot and on horseback with our horses educated.
Come join us!
The Equestrian Area of Pays de Retz (EEPR)
The Gautrais, 44320 Chauvé
(It is 5 minutes from Pornic and Nantes 40 km
RD6 on Chauvé from Pornic)
Contactez-nous :
Espace Equestre du Pays de Retz, (EEPR), 44320 Chauvé
Tel. -
Messagerie : eepr.bourgeois44@gmail.com